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Course Description
Copywriting is a meeting of art and commerce and,  like the other creative aspects of marketing communications, i.e. design and art direction, it is a mix of artistic and commercial imperatives.

This course introduces aspiring copywriters to the art and disciplines of selling via the written and spoken word.  It will cover all aspects of online, print, radio, television and cinema and offers a practical development of writing skills for these media.

The course uses a combination of creative writing techniques which can be free-wheeling, exciting and even confronting at times.  These techniques will give participants the creative confidence they need to liberate their conceptual thinking, while the other components of the course provide the structure and disciplines they will need to become good practitioners of the copywriting craft.

Who is this course for?

Aspiriing Copywriters

At least 18 months of relevant work experience in marketing, advertising, media, PR, production or design
completion of AdSchool's 'Creative Process’ and/or completion of AWARD School.

You will learn

·  How to interpret and analyse a creative brief
· The emotions and psychology behind successful communications
· How to create ideas and develop them into persuasive, memorable writing
· How to turn an idea into an effective, integrated campaign
· How to critique and edit your own work

Course Content

  • Copywriting basics
  • Writing for print, online & working with an Art Director 
  • Writing radio
  • TV and cinema
  • Strategy, ideas & executions
  • Responding to the Brief
  • The psychology of writing
  • Why writing matters

Key learning outcomes

The difference between ‘the big idea’ and really communicating; why some ads persuade while others just irritate; why the writer’s mindset is the make or break ingredient in the mix; why grammar, structure, spelling and punctuation really matter; how to get ideas and keep writing when you’re running on empty; how to structure and present a campaign to a creative review board/client.

Weekly assignments; major assignment based on a real agency brief with the chance to see your work appear in the media; written examination.

Timetable for next available course 

Brisbane | Perth | Sydney | Adelaide

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