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Art Direction Principles


Course description
This course is designed to provide aspiring art directors within the advertising and related industries with an understanding of the principles of art direction and layout. It will explore how the sales and marketing functions of an advertising campaign operate through a framework of visual communication and theories of visual context.

Students will learn techniques for visualising ideas, working alone or with a copywriter, creating and structuring the emotional appeals and intellectual disciplines used by art directors and how to analyse and respond to the creative brief. Students are expected to create a portfolio during the duration of the course, and also to maintain a workbook including their notes, sketches, and ideas for the assignments to demonstrate their thought processes and idea development.

At the end of the course students will have the basis of a portfolio to present to current or potential employers.

Who is this course for?
New or aspiring Art Directors.

At least 18 months basic training in art or design or completion of the AdSchool Creative Process course.

Course Content

  • What is Art Direction?
  • The basics
  • The Team: Copywriters and Art Directors
  • Developing ideas
  • The Tools - Craft & Techniques
  • The Visual - priorities
  • Typography
  • Television Production - The Art Director's Role
  • The Portfolio

  • Key learning outcomes
    Understand the principles of art direction and layout in a commercial context.

    Create an advertising design demonstrating principles of creative visual communication.

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