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Account Management


Course description
An advertising agency’s success is largely built on how effective it is at establishing and maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with its clients. Advertisers seek agencies that have highly skilled individuals that can deliver an objective viewpoint on the market and their business, and can draw on their experience and insights to help solve marketing problems. In healthy client agency relationships the agency meets and exceeds the expectations of their clients and the Account Manager has a central role in the success, longevity and profitability of the relationship.

The Account Management course will help students make that next crucial career step from an ‘implementer’ of advertising strategies in their agency to someone who has their client’s trust and the responsibility of leading the marketing communications process on behalf of the agency and client.

The course focuses on the core competencies of the professional Account Manager and arms students with knowledge on how to manage expectations and add value to the agency, the client and the individual.

Who is this course for?
Account Executives/Managers, Brand Managers and those interested in managing the day-to-day advertising process.

This course requires students to have at least one year of experience in account service within an advertising agency, or:
Two years relevant work experience in related industries such as marketing, public relations, design or media experience, OR prior completion of relevant tertiary studies, e.g. University, TAFE, or Completion of AdSchool Foundation plus one year relevant work experience as above.

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